Covering Transaction Fees

As an administrator, you have the option to allow donors to cover the fees associated with gifts. Helping every cent go towards your ministry.

  • How do I enable the option for my members to optionally cover the gift processing fees?
    • It's simple! Drop us a note at and our team will flip the switch to enable this feature for you. Once the change is made, all gifts moving forward will allow users to optionally choose to cover the fees.
  • Can I enable the option for each campus independently?
    • Yes. The option is available on a per-campus basis, even if the campuses share the same merchant account.
  • Why is the calculated fee higher than my rate?
    • The additional amount processed by the donor requires the processing fees to be included. For instance, in a $100 transaction with a fee percentage of 3%, the total to be processed is $103. In this example, the calculated total is $103.10. The total can be calculated by diving the gift amount by the percentage that the donor does not cover (100 ÷ .97).



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