Member Directory

Connect - and stay connected - with members of your church community!

What you’ll love:

  • Up-to-date member contact information - anytime and anywhere.
  • Eliminate the need to maintain a traditional paper directory. Say goodbye to hours of scheduling family photo shoots and tracking down contact information.
  • Quickly edit your profile information and photo directly from your device.
  • Contact another church member via phone, text, or email with the click of a button.
  • See what public interests you have in common with other members.


In-App Experience

If you already have a profile in-app, when you navigate to the Directory feature, you’ll see a message prompting you to contact your church admin to be given access to the Directory.



After you have been added, you’ll receive an email indicating you’ve been granted access to the Directory.



Once you’ve been given access, clicking on Directory will produce a searchable list of other church members who have also been given access to the Directory. After clicking on an individual name on the list, the member's contact information and profile photo will appear. The phone, text, and email links will allow you to contact the member directly via that communication method. You can also see the member's profile banner, public interests, and see what interests you have in common with that person.


Member_Directory_List.jpg      Member_Directory_Profile.jpg


Admin Management

As a church admin, you can opt to receive an email notification when a user creates a new profile. The email will prompt you to either approve or deny the user access to the Member Directory.

User access for the Member Directory will be managed by the church admin(s) within the aware3 portal under People > Profiles. Opt to receive an email notification every time a new profile is created by going to People > Profiles > Settings.



As a church admin, the email you receive will include click a link to either allow or deny the user access to the directory.




Clicking ‘Allow…’ will default the member’s permissions to allow access to the Directory and have their profile information listed for other members to view in the Directory. Clicking ‘Do NOT allow…’ will deny the user both permissions.

To add an existing user to the Directory, navigate to People > Profiles, hover over the user, and click the pencil icon. Member Directory Permissions are located under the user’s basic profile information, providing the option to allow the user to access the Directory
and/or have their Profile listed in the Directory. Unless the user specifies a custom preference for their access, a checkmark should be placed in both of the permission boxes. Click ‘Save’ to finish editing the user’s Directory permissions.


Best Practices for Management

Simplify the process of requesting Directory access for users who already have a Profile. Some ideas include:

  • Set up a Link feature with link to email the church admin directly (enter in the link URL field). Label the feature ‘Request Member Directory Access’ to guide users.
  • Set up an aware3 form named ‘Request Member Directory Access.’ Include user Profile information as part of the form, and activate an email notification for the form so that the church admin receives an email every time someone fills out this form.


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