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Your mobile app is the hub for your church. Now your app includes specialized Feature Hubs (version 24.1.0+) to serve as a button inside of your app that hosts native app tools in a new format. 

Want church members to follow along with your Sunday morning service? Help them fill out a connection card, skim your bulletin, take notes, and give all under your Sunday Morning button.

Hosting 2017 Faith Workshops? Let participants sign up, check in, watch videos, and take notes all under your specialized 2017 Faith Workshop Feature.

Examples For Inspiration

  • Sunday Mornings. Have one button church members can go during Sunday morning service.
    • Connection Card
    • Sermon Notes
    • Bible
    • Sermons
  • Campus-Centric. As a multi-campus church, help to separate relevant content for attendees by having content separate at the campus level. 
    • Location Info
    • Sermons
    • Social Media
    • Calendar
    • Register
  • Events. A dedicated button for upcoming events can help ease communication through having next steps all in one place.
    • Check In
    • Sign Up
    • Interactive Notes
    • Video
    • Text Us
  • Campaigns/Needs. Draw attention to funds you are looking to raise for your campus needs.
    • Promo Video
    • Campaign
  • Small Groups. Create a hub for your ministries; keeping everyone informed on what's happening, how to get involved, and ongoing communication.
    • About Us Video
    • Find a Group
    • Small Group Discussion Guide
    • Campaign
    • Chat

You name it...the possibilities are endless! 

Adding Feature to your Feature Hub

Getting Started:

Now that you've been inspired and know what type of features you are going to nestle under your Feature Hub, let's get started!

To add features to your Feature Hub, simply click on the green plus button in the top right hand corner of your screen. Once you have selected the green plus button, a list of available features will appear. From this list, select all the different types of features you are wanting to nestle under your Feature Hub and click Screenshot_2019-07-22_15.59.55.png button. After clicking Screenshot_2019-07-22_15.59.55.png, you will see all of the features you have added to your Feature Hub.

Editing Your Features:

Once you have added your features to your Feature Hub, now you can to start editing these features and creating content for them! To change the name of a feature as well as upload an icon image click on the pencil icon. You are able to hide certain features or make them visible within your Feature Hub by toggling a feature on and off. To toggle a feature on or off, simply click on the eyeball icon under the toggle column. To add content to your newly added feature, simply click on the magnifying glass icon. You can also rearrange your features in a specific order by clicking on the feature itself and dragging and dropping it into place!


Check out our short video on how to create a feature hub below!



Have a question? Would you like to bounce your ideas off of someone? Send us a note at support@aware3.com we'd love to hear your Feature Hub ideas and brainstorm with you!

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