Complete List of Available Features

New to aware3 and wondering what we have to offer? Or, are you an existing church partner who wants to ensure you are using your branded mobile app to its fullest potential?
Here is a comprehensive list of our ever growing list of available aware3 features:
  • Podcast. Your feed can pull into your app by providing the URL of your podcast. Either an iTunes podcast page (example) or a direct RSS feed (example). Click here to see how to add your podcast to your app!
  • Custom Video. With Custom Video, organize and upload custom graphics for each series. Providing you with more design flexibility (integrated with Vimeo & YouTube). Great for churches with a designer on staff or to showcase video content. 
  • Standard Video Feed. Bring in your Vimeo and/or YouTube content with ease. Click here to see how to get started and we’ll mirror the content type you decide to point to.
General Ministry
  • Child Check-in. Replaces physical cards parents would scan and stores it as a QR code on their mobile device. Eliminates lost cards and keeps their ID card handy.
  • Check-in. Helps you to track attendance for services and events. Members may input their info, take a photo, comment, and check-in.
  • Blog. With Blog, help users stay up-to-date on what’s happening. They will see a snapshot of each post to follow along and even share content. Great for Pastor blogs, daily devotions, and announcements.
  • Locations. Provides turn-by-turn directions to your campuses and events using Google/Apple maps. Include a photo and details like service times and contact information.
  • Calendar. Create a calendar to share in your app. Provide location/event details and registration links - right inside each event. Use tags to share a specific calendar with certain groups. There's also the option to bring in events from any external calendar producing a .ics/iCal feed. 
  • Register. aware3 Smart Forms are great for providing users a place to sign up, whether they're registering for an upcoming missions trip or filling out a connection card. Aware3 forms save users' profile information so they don't have to fill out their profile every time! Forms also have the ability to collect payments (if using our processor PaymentSpring) - great for event registrations or ticket sales.
  • Info Pages. Info Pages can serve as an About Us button, Announcements feature, or replace the weekly paper Bulletin insert. Info pages are a rich text editor to meet all your needs, including the ability to add hyperlinks and photos. 
  • Interactive Notes. Like a traditional paper outline, users can take notes in-app. Serving as a traditional sermon note outlines or a small group's discussion guide.
  • Link & Links. Flexibility to point to a one or several mobile responsive sites with a URL. Used by church partners for social media, Bible, and live streaming. There is also the ability have some sites open the native apps.
  • Feature Hubs. Use one button inside your mobile app to combine native features. Consider a feature hub for your Sunday morning resources, individual campuses, special giving campaigns, and more. They provide the ability to nestle multiple types of features under a single button on your app home page. 
  • Member Directory*. Eliminate the need to maintain a traditional paper directory (which often includes incorrect information as soon as it's printed!), and help people stay connected with each other.
  • Push Messages. Push messages can be sent to anyone who has downloaded and opted into notifications for your app. Push messages are free, and can be sent to segmented groups within the app, helping you target your audience. They can also be content-targeted (sending the user to a specific part of your app) and geo-targeted (sent if/when users enter a specific delivery radius).
  • Live Polling*. A way to pose questions to your congregation to receive anonymous responses in real-time. Learn more here.
  • Chat*. Chat is a live two-way communication channel. A way for ministries and groups to connect in real-time. Open up public chats or private chats for groups like Staff. 
  • Text Engagement*.
    • Outbound Text*. Use outbound text to reach users via text message. All you need is a list of phone numbers. Schedule and send your messages right inside your aware3 portal.
    • Text-to-Act*. Set up text keywords and pre-program responses that users will receive. Note: 'App' is a keyword that's already systematically reserved and one you don't have to set up. It's another great way to send users directly to your store listing to download your app
      • "Text Us" feature* provides a button congregants may view, click, and have an SMS kicked off. This makes it easy for users to engage with your text-to-act keywords.
    • Welcome Concierge*. Welcome Concierge lets members of your community create and/or update their profile through text, helping you stay connected with everyone who walks through your doors, whether they've downloaded the app or not!  
  • Streamlined Giving. With aware3 giving, we don't treat donors like it's their first time giving every time. Allow users to give quickly and easily with the same PIN across all aware3 channels, including your website.
  • Donor-Covered Fees. Provide the option for members to cover processing fees. Help more go towards your ministry - where it makes a difference.
  • Giving Appeals. Looking to attract attention and support for your next capital campaign? Help to create more context around your goals for ongoing needs. Think of needs for ongoing missions, youth scholarships, and new buildings. Appeals create a special page that's all about your project, along with a progress bar to visualize the progress that's been made.
  • Pledges. Take recurring giving a step further and encourage your members to pledge a gift over time. Use our standard pledge page or customize your own pledge page to target outreach to high-dollar donors.
  • Text-to-Give. Using Text-to-Give, your church will have a designated local phone number that people can text and give right on their phone. 
  • Forms. Aware3 forms have the ability to collect payments. People can easily register and pay for a retreat or special event in-app or through the form's web link.

    Interested in using aware3 giving services? Giving is included in the cost of your app - no additional monthly fees. Reach out to our team at to fill out a merchant application today! 

 *Indicates Premium Feature. Contact to add this feature to your account!


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