Links, Link Lists and Pointing Users to Native Apps


Link features help you direct individuals to a specific URL. There are two different link features you can choose from. The first is a single Link feature. With this Link feature, you can house a single URL behind a button within your app. When an individual clicks on this link feature, they will be directed to that URL. Some examples of URLs we see commonly housed in a Link feature are a link to the Bible, a form, or your live stream, just to name a few.

Let's Get Started 

To add a Link feature, simply select the Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.25.23_PM.png in the top right hand corner of your screen on your app tab. From there select the ‘Link’ option. Once you have added a Link feature to your app tap, hover over this feature and select the details option. Copy and paste the URL you want to use. Below the URL text box, you will see a list of different options of how individuals will interact with your link.


  • Open in a new window: this setting has individuals leave your app completely when accessing your link by opening the link in a full, external mobile browser (such as Safari or Chrome).


  • Open internally, but open link in a new window: this setting opens your URL in a new window inside your app.


  • Don’t link to an external app to open this link: this setting stops other native apps (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) from opening when the link is selected.


  • Leaving all of these options unchecked will open the link internally within the current window they are in, inside of the app.



Link List

The second link feature you can use is a Link List feature. A Link List lets you house several different links behind one button. Link List features are great for housing all of your social media links, lists of forms and so much more!




Let's Get Started 

To add a Link List feature, simply select the Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.25.23_PM.png in the top right hand corner of your screen on your App tab. From there select the ‘Link List’ option. Once you have added a Link List feature to your App tab, hover over this feature and select the details option. You can add additional links to your Link List feature by selecting the Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.25.23_PM.png button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Enter a name for the URL you are adding and then copy and paste the url into the address text box. Then click Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.28.34_PM.png Once your link has been added, you have the option of uploading an icon image to display in-app.


**Icon images create a more custom look and feel inside your app. Take a peek at our icon library here! To add an icon image, simply click on Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.29.38_PM.png under the icon column. You can easily remove a link from your link list by selecting the Screen_Shot_2020-02-10_at_2.30.16_PM.png icon under the remove column on the right hand side of your screen.

In App Experience

Links within a Link List feature do not have the settings that links within a single Link feature have, as listed above. All links housed in a Link List feature will be opened inside of the app.


       link_list_link_opened_in_app.jpg      link_list_example.jpg


Launching users to a Native App

With the "Links" feature, there's now the added ability to launch users into the native app. Below are the currently supported sites as well as examples of the proper format:


Name Address
Facebook fb://profile/173735372678020
Twitter twitter://user?screen_name=awarethree
Instagram instagram://user?username=northpoint_ch
Flickr flickr://photos/username/northpoint_ch
SMS sms://8162267247
Tel tel:8162267247


Note: If the user does not have the app installed, they will be taken to the mobile version.

Need help finding your page Facebook ID? 

  1. Go to your page
  2. Selecting "Settings."
  3. Click "Page Info" and your page ID will be listed. 

Need help deep linking to Spotify or Snapchat?

You can deep link to Spotify to share your Sunday worship playlist with your members or link to snapchat so your church family can watch your snapchat stories about what is happening on mission trips, retreats, volunteer events and so much more!

Getting Started:

We have linked a helpful resource here to help you get started creating those deep links! First select the app you are wanting to deep link to. Once you have selected to app you are wanting to deep link to, for example Spotify you will want to select the content you are wanting to share with your church family (album, artist, playlist). After selecting the type of content you are wanting to share, you will see a URL format preview. 



Next you will want to find the content ID. You can find your content ID at the end of the URL. For our example above, we will want to look at the end of the Spotify link we are wanting to link to for the album ID.



Once we have found the album ID, we will want to copy and paste it into the original URL format provided. Note: You will first need to copy the original URL format into a notepad on your computer and then paste the album ID into the format where it says <album>.

URL format:<album>

Spotify Link: 

***4uWr8fOgmNBCP5awR10dbs = album ID

Combined URL format with album ID:

App Setup:

You have now created a deep link that will encourage your members to listen to this worship playlist in the Spotify app! The last step is to add "https://" to the beginning of your link, and add it to your app! 

When adding this deep link to your app, you will want to add it to a link feature and select the link setting 'Open in a new window.' Note: Link List feature does not allow your members to be directed to a native app.

Final Product:

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