Feature Button Image and Thumbnail Icon Libraries

Icon Layout

The icon layout accommodates a more traditional ascetic. You have the flexibility to use 2-4 icons in a row. The background you choose, (your home screen) will show through the transparent background of your button images. Click on the links below to see all of the icon button images in our libraries!


Modern Outline Icons - New! 



Clean Icon Set




Hand Drawn icon Set




Circle Icon Set



Outline Sets


Mosaic Icon Layout

The mosaic icon layout is imaged based and accommodates more of a lifestyle aesthetic.  You have the flexibility of using 2-4 square buttons in a row or one button that spans horizontally across the whole grid.  Click on the links below to see all of the mosaic icon button images in our libraries!




School Sets

We have a full library of icon and mosaic feature button images for our school partners to use! Click on the links below to see our full libraries of feature button images for schools.

Facts_Academy__icon_layout_.png  Facts_Academy__mosaic_layout_.png

Thumbnail Libraries

With many of your features, you have the ability to add images or thumbnail icons. Adding these images and thumbnail icons are not required, but do give you more places to bring your branding to life throughout your app! A few places within your app where you can add images or thumbnail icons are link list and feature hubs. Click on the link below to see our full thumbnail icon library! 


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